How to Keep Your Car Battery at Optimum Level

The last scenario you want to find yourself in is discovering that your car battery has died and you require emergency services. It will leave you wishing you had made an effort to look after your car's battery better. In any case, it's not a pleasant location to be in. Understanding these patterns can assist you in extending battery life in the hope of preventing such a situation. That is why our Toyota dealer near Tustin is here today to teach you what good drivers do to keep their vehicle's batteries running as long as possible:




Remembering to turn off all of your lights.


We are all aware that one of the leading causes of a car battery discharge is leaving the headlights on. These days, most cars have systems that can assist you in avoiding this issue. Sadly, there are lights inside a vehicle that you can leave on even though they're not your headlights. Trunks and hatches are notorious for not closing all the way; thus, if a door doesn't close, a light may remain on for a very long period or perhaps forever. Some vehicles will turn off all lights automatically after a short period, but if this happens frequently, it could reduce the battery's lifespan. More importantly, this drain will become more significant as your battery ages, says nearby Tustin car dealerships.


Turning off the vehicle when parked.


The battery should be good as long as the engine is running and the alternator is functioning properly. However, your battery will be drained if you stop the car and leave the engine running, perhaps while your passenger does a quick errand to the store. While having the fan on and music playing is fun at the moment, running numerous devices while the engine is off may drain a car's battery. You can perform this once, and it won't harm the battery. The battery will struggle if you do it repeatedly since the harm will accumulate. Your AC may turn off for several reasons, one of which is when a start-stop system activates at a traffic signal.


Keeping your car sheltered in severe weather conditions.


Tustin Toyota dealerships warn that even when keeping a car outside in the open isn't always an option, it's crucial to comprehend what is taking place. Extreme weather conditions can harm batteries and reduce their lifespan. The extreme temperature might result in a buildup of crystals on the battery, whether it is over 100 degrees or below 10 degrees. Those crystals aren't ideal for performance, as you might expect. When it's possible, parking in a garage or under cover can help so that your car doesn't become overheated or too cold. Both of these scenarios will mean disaster for your battery.


Optimize your car battery with Toyota of Orange.


If you are unsure about the current condition of your car's battery, go ahead and schedule an appointment with our Toyota dealer near Tustin today. Our specialists will run all the necessary tests to ensure your battery runs smoothly. If you need a replacement, we'll gladly swap 'em out for you!


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Why Alignment Is Important for Your Toyota Vehicle

Your wheel alignment is a critical aspect of your Toyota vehicle. Greater fuel efficiency, a smoother ride, and improved vehicle safety are just a few advantages of this frequently disregarded service. Here, we'll outline why you should always, which entails modifying your car's suspension system (the link between the vehicle and the wheels). Here is why you should always check your alignment at our esteemed Toyota dealer near Anaheim:




  • Your tires will last longer.

Tire wear that is early and uneven might be caused by misalignment. It would help if you bought tires regularly when it's too late to obtain a wheel alignment at your Toyota dealer serving Anaheim. If you're currently near your car, look to see if any of these three types of premature or uneven tire wear are present in your tires:


Camber Wear: 

Does the inside or outside border of the tire tread appear significantly more worn than the center? It can be the result of camber wear. The angle your tires make with the car's frame is referred to as a camber, and depending on the angle, it can be either positive or negative. Recreational cars typically benefit from positive camber (tilting outward), whereas high-performance vehicles benefit from negative camber (leaning inward). Both positive and negative camber is beneficial, but too much of either is detrimental.



Tires are said to be "feathered" when the tread is sharp on one side and smooth or worn down on the other. This kind of tire wear happens when several different incorrect alignment settings are present.


Heel and toe wear: 

Envision the treads on your tires, then zoom in. Tire "tread blocks" are those discrete pieces. Heel and toe wear occurs when one side of a tread block seems to be degrading more quickly than the other in the direction your tire is rolling. Vibration or loudness can be a sign of heel/toe wear.


  • Better tires mean less need for frequent auto repair.

The roads can be harsh. Even a tiny bump could cause severe issues if your tires are out of alignment. A faulty alignment, for instance, can make hitting a pothole significantly more damaging to your tires and suspension system. Poor alignment puts your suspension and steering systems under strain, and parts of the steering and suspension systems may wear unevenly, necessitating costly repairs. A minor investment in wheel alignment services can save you from later having to pay a large sum of money for more extensive auto repairs.


  • Lower fuel costs.

The cost of fuel and wheel alignment are directly related. An automobile with good alignment often has better fuel efficiency than one with improper alignment. This is because misaligned wheels won't function properly as a set. This can decrease fuel efficiency because your engine will have to work harder to move your automobile ahead.


Come to Toyota of Orange today!

Every six thousand, you should have your tires balanced and aligned to ensure more excellent performance and longer tire life. If your car displays any alignment issues, make an appointment for a wheel alignment at Toyota of Orange, the #1 Toyota dealer near Anaheim.


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What Do I Need To Know About Getting an Inspection for My Toyota?

It's crucial to have your vehicle ready for an inspection. Specific rules demand and call for regular car inspections in the US. It would be best if you took some action to get your car prepared for the next examination, whether your state has a yearly or biannual review. It is also essential to be aware that although many vehicles in California must pass an assessment each year, if you own a particular car, you might not be required to do so. You will probably need an inspection if your vehicle has a model year between 1976 and the present.

What to do before you get the car you got from your Toyota dealer near Tustin inspected-500x750.jpg

It is necessary to take these steps before bringing your car into Toyota of Orange, the #1 Toyota dealer near Tustin, for an inspection:

California Vehicle Inspections

In California, the majority of drivers are required to have their vehicles inspected every two years. You may be subject to fines and being denied registration if your emissions test is not completed. You will take your car to a nearby authorized inspection facility.

Go over the checklist.

Inspecting your car is the first thing you should do. Either use the DMA checklist and take care of any problems you see before the expert inspection. For instance, if your rearview mirror is broken, get it fixed right away.

Correct anything that hinders your vision.

Any obstacles that could impair your eyesight must be removed, otherwise, do not expect to pass the inspection. To make sure your wheels adhere to these standards, check your car's owner's manual for the recommended tire and wheel sizes. If your current tires are getting worn out, you must purchase new tires before the inspection.

Getting the Inspection

You must then have your engine serviced once you have examined and corrected any visible faults. Owners of Toyota vehicles can accomplish this at nearby Tustin car dealerships. The oil filter and the air filter should both be replaced. Make sure the spark plugs are in excellent operating order by inspecting them. If your car has a computer, you'll need to bring it to a business that sells auto parts so they can connect the OBD reader to it and look for any error codes. Use only original Toyota parts to repair any problems discovered by this inspection.

Remember that a vehicle inspection can be daunting, but it is necessary to ensure that your car is secure and well-kept. It is, therefore, a good idea to know the inspection regulations in your state. Regular maintenance is the best way of passing vehicle inspections. Now that you know how to get your car ready for review, you may confidently complete your California state inspection now. Tustin Toyota dealerships such as ours can help steer you in the right direction (no pun intended, promise).

Need help fixing up your vehicle?

If you feel that your car isn't operating the way it should be, please schedule an appointment with the technicians at Toyota of Orange right away. Whether it's an obvious or a subtle problem, either can hinder your ability to pass a state-mandated inspection. You can count on our Toyota dealer near Tustin to help you get the job done right.

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