Explore the Hot New 2020 Toyota GR Supra at Toyota of Orange

If your dream car is a paragon of performance and artistry, then the all-new 2020 Toyota GR Supra is poised to win your heart and get your adrenaline flowing. With a distinctive profile, dramatic lines, and attention-grabbing musculature, the GR Supra certainly looks the part of a vehicle that has racing built into its DNA.

Of course, the GR Supra isn't all about looks, stunning as they are. Every detail of the GR Supra is designed to please the senses from its exhilarating performance right down to the sweet song it sings when you hit the road in Sport Mode. So, if you're ready to learn more about this thrilling addition to the Toyota bloodline, swing by Toyota of Orange to dig deeper into the GR Supra.

Superb Performance and Handling

The GR Supra boasts an almost perfect weight balance and a low center of gravity, features that lend themselves exceedingly well to optimum performance and handling for your driving pleasure. With Adaptive Variable Suspension and available Brembo brakes, the GR Supra is outfitted to help you take full advantage of the power and agility it draws from its fire-breathing 3.0L turbocharged inline-six engine.

Driver-Focused Cockpit

With comfortable, bolstered sport seats designed to support you as you power through tight turns, a leather-wrapped sport steering wheel, and a snazzy Supra Command dial that grants easy access to a variety of multimedia, it's easy to spend your time in the GR Supra. Standard Apple CarPlay, wireless smartphone charging, and a HUD inspired by the tech found in fighter jets come together to create a uniquely convenient and intense driving experience.

Learn More at Toyota of Orange

The new Toyota GR Supra is carefully designed to appeal whether you're most at home on the track or you just want a car that makes you feel like you could get away with investing in a driving suit, the GR Supra offers a generous supply of thrills. Find out more when you visit our dealership today!

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