Always Keep These Emergency Items in Your Toyota

While all of the cars we sell here at our Toyota near Irvine dealership are renowned for their dependable performance and safety features, it's still advisable to have a few essential items in your car at all times in an emergency. Keep these items in the trunk of your Toyota to be ready in the case of a flat tire, an accident, or inclement weather.

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Your Car Manual

It would be best if you always traveled with your car manual because it contains all the information you require about your specific vehicle. This manual can assist you with problems with your car, from the proper tire pressure to what the various warning lights represent.


You can use your smartphone as a light source, but what if you find yourself in a situation where you have low power and don't have a working charger on you? You must be prepared for the worst. A powerful, waterproof flashlight will enable you to inspect the engine and lessen the terrifying nature of a nighttime car emergency. Be sure you carry additional batteries, though.

An Additional Phone Charger (or Two)

You might keep an old, extra phone in your car as a backup alternative or have a USB charger or another in-car phone charger available.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is another essential item for your Toyota. Include essentials like gauze pads, bandages, aspirin, and antiseptic ointment or wipes in addition to the requirements. These things might help treat minor injuries until help arrives in an accident. Additionally, you can call 911 using a charged cell phone, and one to three reflective triangles on the side of the road can alert approaching traffic to impending danger.

Jumper Cables

A set of jumper wires is one of the essential items to keep in your Toyota's trunk. You can end up stranded on the side of the road or in a parking lot if your battery is weak or dead and your car won't start. With the help of a kind stranger, you can give your battery more juice and restart your automobile with the use of a jumper cable. After that, you can resume driving and probably go to one of your local Irvine car dealerships like Toyota of Orange to get the battery changed.


Although Orange County is sunny, that doesn't mean you might find yourself taking a road trip to somewhere colder. In addition to keeping you warm in cold weather and car trouble, a blanket is valuable for tired kids (and grown-ups, too!).

Spare Change

Preferably quarters. Even though most places, including toll highways and parking lots, now accept card payments, it is still a good idea to keep some pennies in your car just in case.

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