The Importance of Replacing Your Windshield Wipers

While rain may not be the most common occurrence in Southern California, that doesn’t mean it never happens. When it does, we will use our windshield wiper blades because when it rains, it certainly rains! You probably already know how critical it is to have routine maintenance procedures like tire rotations and oil changes. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what can happen to you if your windshield wipers don’t work, so what about forgetting to update them? This is a crucial aspect of car maintenance. Learn more directly from the experts at our Toyota near Irvine:




How frequently should windshield wipers be changed?


The wiper blades should be changed every six months or as soon as you observe a change in your driving visibility. They are made to glide smoothly and easily across the surface of your windshield. Wiper blades can start to squeak, smear, or streak when they are no longer in proper touch with the windshield surface, reducing your ability to see the road ahead. Unfortunately, damaged or broken blades will not function as intended. You should call and schedule an appointment immediately if you notice something is off.


What can cause windshield blades to wear out?


Wiper blades deteriorate due to various environmental variables, such as sunlight, oil, and flying debris. Being seen is essential for safe driving. Even though drivers rely on their car wiper blades to clear away snow, sleet, and rain, many don't change them until they're needed. Wiper blade maintenance can improve visibility, effectiveness, and dependability. As we’ve already established, the consequence of failing to replace your windshield wiper blades on time is a no-brainer- so do not wait to consult your Toyota dealer near Irvine before it’s too late.


When is it time to change the blades?


Here are a few methods to check the wiper blades for replacement in addition to their sound and wipe quality:

  • Verify the edges of the squeegee. The wiper blade's ability to make solid contact with the windshield and the wipe's quality can be compromised by worn edges.
  • The visible flaws in the rubber squeegee's edge include cracks, tears, and missing portions.
  • To test whether the rubber squeegee is still flexible, move it back and forth. The contour of your windshield won't fit old squeegees, which can result in streaks.
  • To ensure the wiper blade is firmly mounted on the wiper arm, tug or gently pull it. Verify that the squeegee is firmly affixed to the wiper blade frame.


Toyota of Orange can get the job done.


It's time to replace your blades if you discover you're having problems getting rain off your windshield. Please, contact our service center here at Toyota of Orange for a quick and easy replacement. We are always here to help our loyal customers whenever you need us. You can also bet on a reliable and enjoyable driving experience for every single mile of your lease or ownership by bringing your car to your Toyota near Irvine for all your servicing and maintenance requirements, like replacing wiper blades and so much more!



The Importance of Replacing Your Windshield Wipers

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