It may be time to get rid of your trusty old friend, your current car, and get yourself a brand new one! There is nothing more rewarding than trading in your used car to Toyota near Fullerton for a new one. Trading in your vehicle at Fullerton car dealerships saves you the time and effort it takes to list your car, find a buyer, and then finally complete the transaction. 

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Nowadays dealers, such as the one at Toyota near Fullerton, are making the effort to make the trade-in process quick and easy.  


When Should You Trade In Your Car? 


Modern cars today, if they are maintained well, can run for a very long time. Reaching 100,000 miles is not a huge deal nowadays, and some drivers can even hit a million. Nevertheless, even vehicles that have been treated well can send signals that it is time to consider purchasing a new vehicle, or at least a new used vehicle. 

More often than not, these signs are subtle, and a vehicle has a tendency of murmuring rather than saying outright that something is wrong. In the first years of owning a new car, it is still under warranty and the manufacturer has to repair major problems. 

However, when you get past 50,000 miles (unless you have purchased a vehicle with an extended warranty) you will have to sort out any issues yourself. Therefore, paying close attention to what your car is trying to tell you is always a good idea. 

Here are some valuable clues to help you figure out when it is time to say good-bye to your old car and look for a new set of wheels. 

Strange Noises Or Smells

Your car should not be making weird noises or emitting bizarre smells. When this happens, these are tell-tale signs that there is a problem and it is usually with vehicles that are wearing out and have to be replaced. 


Just like noises and smells, smoke is another indication that something is wrong. The three primary colors of smoke are black, gray, and white. When you see black smoke, it could mean that there is dirt in the filtration system, gray signifies the car is burning oil, and white means that there are serious engine problems. 

Lacking Technology

There is going to be a time when your car’s infotainment system or driver-assist features are not up to par. This can lead to poor GPS navigation and reduced safety. Car manufacturers usually refurbish vehicles every five to seven years. So, if you own a car that you bought in 2008, there is a huge possibility that the car is behind the times when it comes to technological features. 

A Repair That Costs More Than The Car’s Worth

You may have purchased a used Toyota for $12,000 and pleasantly drove it around for 10 years. Over time, this car depreciated to a point that is worth about $1,000 and was in a minor car accident that caused damage to the front. Then, the radiator started failing, and that was around $400 to $600 to get fixed. Two of these types of repairs each year would cost more than the car is actually worth, so it would be best to get rid of the vehicle and purchase a new, more reliable car. 

How Do You Start Trading In Your Car? 

Before you show up at the dealer with the car you want to trade-in, you should prep your car. Make sure that the vehicle is clean and do your homework on how much it is worth to boost your trade-in value. Also, before you start trading in your vehicle, you should make sure you have all the necessary documents, particularly the car’s title, and valuable accessories like extra key fobs. 

When you arrive at a Toyota near Fullerton dealership, let a sales representative know that you are there to trade in your vehicle. This individual will most likely write down your information and then they, or a used car manager, will carry out a visual inspection of your car, note the vehicle identification number and put the number through a vehicle history database to analyze its records. 

While this takes place, the dealer’s service department will likely check the condition of the tires, brakes, fluids and other mechanical parts. An employee might even take the vehicle for a fast spin to see how it drives. After all this, it will be time to get down to the nitty-gritty with numbers. 

How To Negotiate The Offer? 


It is important to know that the trade-in offer you get will depend on many factors, but mostly it will rely on the price tag being sought for the same type of vehicle at auctions. Other likely determinants will include whether or not the dealer has similar vehicles on the lot right now, the condition of your vehicle, and whether the dealership has to make any repairs to prepare the vehicle for used-car buyers. 


Nowadays, many car dealers work on transparency. Over the years, the internet has changed the vehicle shopping process, including trade-ins. If you have any questions regarding your offer, ask the sales representative to see the auction selling prices or other used-car estimates they are using to negotiate or establish their offer. 


Keep in mind that when you are trading in your old car, you might have a bit of wiggle room when it comes to your trade-in value against the price of the car you have your eye on to purchase. Recognize that you are under no obligation to trade your vehicle if you do not like the offer you have been given. Be aware that all dealers in the same area are up against the same market forces, so do not expect extraordinarily different offers. Additionally, bear in mind that you can always attempt some negotiation as well. 


Once you have agreed to a deal for your trade-in, as well as the new car, the paperwork can begin. If you have the title of your current car on you, you can get all the paperwork done that day, and drive away with your brand new car!  

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