Winter Preparation Tips for Cars

Cars and cold weather do not mix well. The low temperature reduces the vehicle’s functionality, diminishing its overall performance and making it more prone to accidents. Keep your car in top condition through winter by following this pre-winter prep guide from near Santa Ana auto dealers.

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How Extreme Cold Damages Cars 


Below-freezing temperatures pose numerous threats to cars. If you don’t take measures to brace your vehicle for the season, you may experience the following issues due to the cold:

  • Dead battery 

  • Thickening of the car system’s fluids 

  • Worn out tires 

  • Corrosion 

  • Leakage

  • Weakened spark plug reliability

  • Wiper malfunction 

  • Washer solvent failure

Not only can these issues cause costly damages to your vehicle, but they also make your car unsafe, not just through the winter, but even after the cold months are over.

Smart Ways to Prepare Your Car for Cold Weather


Keep your car in its best working order by fortifying it against the cold. Follow these preparation tips from your auto dealers near Santa Ana:

  • Get a comprehensive tune-up before winter begins. 


Let experts assess your car for issues, prevent potential problems, and implement measures to prepare it for the colder weather. Get serviced before the season starts. If your area is already well into the harsher months of winter, drive to the nearest motor vehicle service as soon as the weather clears up. 

  • Have your battery checked. 


Battery capacity diminishes as the weather grows colder. Take your car to a mechanic often for battery tests to ensure it remains in peak condition. Reduce the risk of your car failing to start by parking it in a garage. Remember to keep jumper cables handy whenever you’re on the road in case of breakdowns. 

  • Assess your tire pressure monthly. 


Tire pressure can decrease as the weather gets colder. Make sure your wheels are properly inflated by checking their pressure levels every month. Find the optimal inflation level of your car by the door jam on the driver’s side. If your area often experiences below-zero temperatures during winter, consider investing in winter tires from your local auto dealers near Santa Ana.

  • Coat your car with wax.  


Aside from ice and snow, you also must be mindful of road salt whenever you drive in the winter. Salt can deal serious damage to cars over time as it can rust metal. Protect your vehicle from corrosion by giving it a coat of wax. Apply generous amounts to the wheels, front grille, and quarter panels since salt tends to build up in these areas more frequently. 

  • Be extra careful when on the road.  


Keeping your car at peak performance during cold weather doesn’t end with taking precautions. You also need to observe winter-specific safety measures every time you go for a drive. Follow these safety tips from near Santa Ana auto dealers for a hassle-free driving experience during the winter:

  • Drive slowly. 

  • Make sure your car is free of snow and ice before driving. 

  • Maximize your car’s weather- and terrain-specific safety technology.

  • Keep useful items, such as a shovel and jumper cables, in your car.

  • Maintain some distance from other vehicles.

  • Master using your brakes to avoid locking them up while driving on snow and ice. 


Planning to Get a New Car This Winter?


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