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Many of us at the dealer of used cars in Orange County Ca are undoubtedly experiencing a continual metamorphosis of the automobile industry, which consists of electric mobility to digitalization. However, even though these dramatic changes are happening to vehicles, there is still one aspect of buying a car that remains the same, and that is choosing the color of a car. 


How Do Customers Decide On The Color Of Their New Car? 

Many of us want to know what is the underlying reason that makes thousands; if not, millions of customers decide on a specific color around the world. There are many theories why a person buying a car choosing a particular color and auto sales in Orange County Ca is going to explain this to us. 

The Color Of Truth Is Gray

Besides being a popular saying from Andre Gide, French author and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, it’s also a very popular car color. The reasons for it are hard to decipher, but one theory from an automotive paint executive is that silver and gray hues mirror our fascination with technology. Perhaps, we want our vehicles to look like the brushed chrome hue on a laptop cover or the gloss we see on smartphones and other technological devices. 

Apart from the fact we want our cars to be all matchy-matchy with our mobile devices, silvery and techno-gray colors usually accentuate the angular, edgy design of luxury sports vehicles. These hues can even add a hint of sportiness to a run-of-the-mill family sedan. 

Many customers at the dealer of used cars in Orange County Ca consider cars in neutral hues a lot easier to clean, and less likely to be noticeable dirty when messed up with the usual car stuff vehicles pick up while driving through congested cities, rushing headlong down the highway or kicking up mud on the country roads.  

Car Color Tastes Change

Throughout the centuries our tastes for car colors have changed. When cars made their first appearance in the early days of the automobile, customers at the dealer of used cars in Orange County Ca claim that cars were referred to as horseless carriages. Honestly, if you look at a vintage photo of a car, that is what they looked like! 

Therefore, if people’s perception of a car was that of a carriage without a horse, they treated their automobile like a carriage. In those days, horse-drawn carriages were usually painted a distinguished black, and that is why the first horseless carriages were only available in black.


Unfortunately, back in those days, the quality of paint was lacking, and car owners were shocked to find their new pride and joy rapidly fade to a disgusting yellow color, which does not scream out elegance and sophistication. 


Car hobbyists at the dealer of used cars in Orange County Ca read online that when the Ford Motor Company started manufacturing the iconic Model T, they famously made it only in black. Although color choices were not possible back in those days, they were responsible for creating a new process of car paint using a hard-wearing asphalt-based paint. 

Another fun fact these car enthusiasts found out is that by the early 1920s, Ford collaborated with the DuPont chemical company to produce an improved process that was eventually used to paint vehicles in all shades of the rainbow! 


Effects Of The Depression And Car Colors


When the Depression of the 1930s rolled in, customers shopping for cars were not at all in the mood for a bright colored car. Just like fashion, cars in those years had somber shades. This would be the case throughout the Depression years and the World War that followed.


Once things got back to normalcy and peace reigned the world again, there was an outburst of candy-colored cars. Who can forget the classic vehicles of the 1950s? Although cars on the roads resembled sprinkles on a cupcake back then, the trend of monotone cars was still very hard to break. 

Even though the bright shades toned down over the years that followed, the preference for color in cars didn’t completely disappear. For instance, in 1976 America celebrated its bicentennial, and most Americans to commemorate that historical event bought a car that was either red, white, or blue.   

Factors For Choosing A Car Color Today

In today’s car market, there are about half of car consumers who would rather take the bus than drive a neutral-color car. Also, choosing the color of a car could depend greatly on the gender of the person.


For example, a 2016 study revealed that men preferred yellow cars 34 percent more than women. Additionally, men liked orange cars more than women by 33 percent. In the same study, the women participants were more vocal about their preference for teal cars. They also had a fond liking for gold and silver cars more than men and a small group of women liked cars in blue and green hues. 


What Does Car Color Say About Cost?

Maybe not surprising for some, but the car colors that men preferred cost around $3,258 more than the colors women liked. What is even more shocking is the used car price difference is marked up even more. For instance, the average teal used car costs $11,053, while the average yellow used car is $20,601. 


This might not make a whole lot of sense since the make and model of the car is what matters the most. However, those sporty colors that men prefer are usually found in sporty and more expensive cars. So, this could be a logical reason for this.

What Impact Does Color Have On A Car? 

Some people believe that if you drive a red car, you are more likely to be pulled over and fined for speeding, but that is a myth. Insurance companies are not interested in the color of your car. Hence the fact, no matter the color of your car, car insurance is the same for every car model. 

At the end of the day, the car’s color has very little impact on the resale value, compared to the car’s condition and age. Nevertheless, people usually prefer to buy a car that is either silver, white, or black. If you paint your car a bright purple or pink, you are going to have a tough time selling it!

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