What Are California’s Green Initiatives At the Dealers of Cars For Sale Orange County?

At the dealers of cars for sale, they can confirm that California, particularly Orange County, has long been America’s environmental trendsetter. Orange County is reducing its environmental footprint through sustainable state government operations and many residents are practicing energy-efficient methods for a greener society. One of these sustainable methods that many are seeing at the dealers of Orange County cars for sale is buying an environmentally-friendly car. 


What Is California’s Environmental Legislature? 

California’s governing body is one of the most progressive in the world when it comes to environmental issues. AB - 32, which is the global warming solutions act, states that one-third of all electricity has to come from renewable sources by 2020. Another regulation requires that fifteen percent of all vehicles sold in California must be zero polluting, which dealers of cars for sale in Orange County say would signify only electric and fuel cell cars will be legal by 2025. That means more than 100,000 cars will have to be charged each night. 

Orange County’s Plug-In Electric Charging Infrastructure

Because Orange County will be a region of electric vehicles (EVs), dealers of cars for sale assure their customers that California is investing in many electric vehicle charging points. This increased acceptance of electric vehicles (EVs) is vital to achieving California’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction and air quality goals. 

Representatives at the dealers of cars for sale in Orange County have seen an increase in sales of plug-in electric vehicles. 

What Does California’s Green Initiatives Mean For The Rest Of The World?

If history is any indication, California’s vehicle policies all have a powerful ripple effect on the rest of the world and the automobile industry. Don’t forget, California was responsible for seatbelts, unleaded gasoline, and hybrid vehicles. There have been many instances that vehicle innovations that were first introduced in California, have spread throughout the United States, and eventually around the world. 

Orange County Values Green Policies 

Undoubtedly, the state of California is overwhelmed with natural beauty and resources. Because of this, many Californians and policymakers have fought for green policies. Governors Brown and Schwarzenegger were the pioneers of climate policies and demonstrate how the environment is less of a partisan problem in California. 

As a matter of fact, if the entire United States did what California has managed to achieve over the past forty years, the world could be on the path of slowing down climate change. California is well on its way to building a major high-speed rail and hydrogen infrastructure that will accommodate hydrogen fuel cars like the Toyota Mirai.

Surprisingly, Californians in the 1960s were choking in the worst smog in the nation. Because of these environmental conditions, California got federal approval to begin setting its own, tougher clean air standards. Some automakers had the audacity to fight California’s efforts to get catalytic converters and other cleaner technologies on vehicles sold in the state. 

However, they eventually gave up and started to add the technology to every car they manufacture. Car companies, like Toyota, have already taken initiatives to be more environmentally sustainable within their communities and the automobiles they produced. 

Orange County’s Clean Car Rules Reinvented The Car Industry

The world knows that Americans love their cars, but Californians have a deep infatuation with their vehicles. The state of California purchases around ten percent of all the new cars that are sold every year. However, they have a lot of influence regarding the design of future automobiles because almost all car manufacturers from the largest to the most avant-garde start-ups use Californians as a design laboratory since they know cars and really appreciate them. 

California’s clean air rules are changing the way all Americans drive. Vehicles that are manufactured for the Californian marketplace, eventually get sold outside of California. Besides many of California’s counties, including Orange County, there are thirteen states that follow California’s lead automatically. They are all the states in the Northeast, Oregon and New Mexico. They have all signed up for the program that states that all the cars sold in their states meet California’s standards.  

Why Are Auto Industries Supporting Orange County’s Green Initiatives? 

It’s well known that car industries used to file lawsuits to try and block laws California passed regarding clean air legislations. However, today California has new standards that the air passed which are pretty ambitious. They expect that fifteen percent of all new vehicles by 2025 to have zero emissions, which basically means vehicles should be either all electrical, hydrogen fuel cell or plug-in electric. 

So, why have car manufacturers, like Toyota, finally bit the bullet and realized that the future of automobiles lies in efficient and very clean vehicles? Well, in a nutshell, if Toyota wants to fill the growing demand for vehicles in parts of the world that are developing very quickly such as many parts of Asia, they have to compete in an environment where gasoline is excessively expensive and, in some instances, almost impossible to access. 

Toyota realized very early on that gasoline prices were increasing and that there would be a need for very clean fuels that can meet other demands too, like solving the over polluted areas of many parts of India and China.

The Future Of Clean Air Cars

Without a doubt, many customers visiting the dealers of cars for sale, are going to be interested in vehicles that run on alternative fuel. They are going to be the hot sellers on car lots across Orange County. California is already quite equipped with charging outlets and hydrogen cell points, with many more locations on the horizon. Therefore, the infrastructure for cleaner vehicles is slowly creeping into many parts of California and the 13 other states will quickly follow California’s lead.

At this moment, there are about 600,00 plug-in electric vehicles in California. Now that there will be an increase in the electric’ hydrogen cell car market, fears of infrastructure gaps might make consumers wary about buying a clean fuel car. 

Running out of juice and being far away from a charger has been an ongoing issue for the electric vehicle market. However, the Californian government has been taking measures to prepare for a society that only fuel source for vehicles is electricity or hydrogen cell by 2025. 

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