Find Out The Best Things About Owning A Hybrid At The Dealer of Cars For Sale In Orange County

If you are looking for a vehicle that will be good on your wallet; and will make very little impact on the environment, then head down to the dealer of cars for sale in Orange County and pick out a hybrid car, like the iconic Toyota Prius. About 59 percent of Generation Y consumers are expected to be driving some type of alternative fuel-based car by 2019. 


What Is A Hybrid Vehicle? 

When hybrid vehicles first landed on the market over 20 years ago, they were pooh-poohed as science projects. However, nowadays attitudes have changed and you can find hybrid powertrains taxis, commercial vehicles, and even high-end sports cars. 

Many customers at the dealer of cars for sale in Orange County are interested in making a leap from gasoline-only vehicles to a hybrid but don’t fully understand what they are and how they work. A hybrid vehicle is an automobile that is powered by both an electric motor and an internal combustion engine. The two systems work simultaneously to get the wheels of the vehicle to spin around. 

A very common example of a hybrid at the dealer of cars for sale Orange County is obviously a Toyota Prius, which was the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle and made its debut on the Japanese market in 1977. The hybrid powertrain provides a better fuel economy and is usually the primary motive for many consumers to purchase this type of vehicle. However, advancements in hybridizations have made these vehicles even better performers on the road. 

In a nutshell, a hybrid’s electric motor gets its energy from an on-board battery pack that is usually located in the trunk behind the rear seats or on the floor pan to lower the center of gravity for improved handling. When the vehicle is in certain driving conditions that prefer the use of only the electric motor, for instance driving below a particular speed or sitting idle, the engine stays off and therefore burns absolutely no gasoline. 

Now you may be wondering, what happens when the battery runs out of juice? Will I be stranded in the middle of nowhere? The answer is a resounding, “NO!” Why not? Because when the battery level gets depleted to a specific level or if you need to drive fast which would require you to be heavy on the throttle, the gasoline motor automatically jumps in to help in recharging the batteries as well as sending power to the vehicle’s wheels. 

Driving a hybrid—cars that combine the power of a gas engine with an electric motor to reduce fuel consumption and emissions—may seem like something only an environmentalist or a tree-hugging celeb (hello, Leonardo DiCaprio!) could get revved up about. The fact is, however, there's never been a better time to consider a switch to a green, clean, environmentally friendly gas-saving machines. Here, six reasons a hybrid may be perfect for your family.

What Are The Three Main Advantages Of Driving A Hybrid? 

Energy Efficiency 

Driving a hybrid is a great way to get better mileage than gasoline fuelled cars. However ask your dealer at the dealer of cars for sale in Orange County which hybrid vehicles get better fuel mileage in stop and go traffic, and which do better on the highway. 


If you aren’t a person who can keep up with your work and life commitments as well as maintaining your car, then a hybrid is perfect for you. They are vehicles that require very little maintenance and many auto industry watchdogs have given hybrids high marks for reliability. 

Fuel Emissions

If you are looking into driving an automobile that has the least impact on the environment, then a hybrid is a very good option. Some hybrids are cleaner than others, but Toyota’s range of hybrids is very fuel-efficient and eco-friendly. 

Apart from the three main reasons for buying a hybrid, you can benefit from the following: 

Comfortable To Drive 

You won’t even notice that you are driving a hybrid since the handling is just as smooth as a conventional car. However, acceleration isn’t as fast, but hybrids aren’t built for speed, and there is one other difference you will notice, hybrids are super quiet! You won’t even know that the engine is on. 

When you are at a red light, or bumper to bumper traffic, the engine completely shuts down and revs up again when you are ready to press on the accelerator. So, you don’t waste gas or emit harmful toxins in the environment. 

A Good Selection Of Models 

You are sure to find a hybrid vehicle that suits you and your family’s lifestyle. There are many hybrid vehicles that can take you and your family from point A to point B in comfort and style. Hybrid vehicles not only support superior fuel efficiency, and performs very well but also have a list of great features. Have a look at the Toyota Highlander Hybrid and Toyota Camry Hybrid at your nearest dealer of cars for sale Orange County

Save Money On Gas

With the fluctuating cost of gas, it’s wise to switch to a hybrid for guaranteed fuel efficiency. Generally speaking, hybrid vehicles can get up to 550 miles before even demanding a pit stop. Therefore, you should be able to cut your gas station visits by half, and save a lot of time and money! On average, if you drive about 1,000 miles a month and your current vehicle typically gives 20 miles per gallon. Driving a hybrid could save you over $800 a year when you have to go to the pump. 

Protect The Environment

You probably want to do your part to help the environment and set a good example for your children, Hybrids emit less pollution than gasoline only fuelled cars. 

Typically, compact vehicles produce 10% less smog-producing emissions than conventional automobiles. Hybrid mid-size cars, mid-size SUVs, and full-size SUVs greatly lower smog-producing gas emissions by 15 percent, 19 percent, and 21 percent compared to gas-only equivalents. 

A hybrid car is a good way to save money on gas, provided you pick the right one and have a good plan of how it will be used before you purchase it. With so many hybrids on the market, and with more coming in the next few years, it’s a good idea to talk to a representative at the dealer of cars for sale in Orange County for more information about hybrids. 

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