Look For The Cars For Sale In Orange County That Have These Features

There are all kinds of criteria that you can use if you’re hunting for suitable cars for sale in Orange County. Much is going to depend on your budget and your particular needs for the vehicle. If you’re going to be using it mostly to drive to and from work, for instance, then you’re probably not going to opt for something flashy. If you need something for hauling heavy loads, you’ll likely need a truck with some serious horsepower.


As a general rule, though, there are some features of modern vehicles that Orange County residents are likely to want. Use this checklist as you peruse the various options on your list and narrow it down.

An Onboard Navigation System

There’s nothing to say that you need an onboard navigation system in your car, but it sure is nice to have one. You can look up directions to anywhere that you want, and you can input your favorite locations in Orange County, like your home, work, the grocery store, the best restaurants, etc.

The system will tell you if there is traffic blocking one of your favorite routes, and it will suggest an alternate way for you to go. If you don’t have an onboard navigation system, then you’ll likely have to use Google Maps on your phone if you need to go somewhere. If that’s the case then you’ll need to find some way of affixing your phone to the dashboard, which is an imperfect solution at best.

Automatic Braking to Prevent Forward Collisions

Lots of accidents that happen involve fender-benders, and they come about because you were momentarily distracted and the car in front of you slammed on its brakes suddenly. Even if you were paying attention to the road ahead of you, your reaction time might not be enough if you’re in stop-and-go traffic.

Automatic braking is a newer safety feature available in some of the more recent models, and you should look for it when you’re shopping for cars for sale. It will make you feel secure when you’re on the road, and if you have a new teen driver in the family, it might be enough to prevent a collision.

Automatic Parallel Parking

This is another feature that only a few modern cars have in Orange County, though more of them are starting to come equipped with it. Parallel parking is a skill that some people seem to have innately, while for others it is a titanic struggle, especially if the parking space into which you are trying to maneuver is narrow. Parallel parking assist lets you take your hand off the wheel while the car parks itself. It might not be the self-driving car that we’ve heard so much about, but it’s an exciting step in that direction.

If these features sound useful to you, then you may wish to prioritize them as you go vehicle shopping in Orange County. Your car needs the essentials, but there’s no harm in getting some modern bells and whistles for yourself if you have the money to make it happen.

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