Take Good Care Of The Used Cars Orange County CA That You Purchase

Some people who shop for used cars Orange County CA spend time thinking about what they can do to keep their vehicles from breaking down. But what can you do to make your car last longer? Here’s a quick checklist.



When you’re at a dead stop, and you punch the accelerator, it puts a strain on your car’s engine, whether you have a brand-new one or one that’s ten years old. Residents of Orange County, CA would do well to accelerate moderately from a stop. This will prevent overheating, and it will also help your CV joints, differentials, engine, and transmission to last longer.

The Rolling Turn

If you need to turn the wheels, you should endeavor to do so while the vehicle is moving. If you are making a three-point turn or pulling out of a parking spot, you should still try and turn the wheel while the car is rolling if it is at all possible to do so. This reduces strain on the ball joints, tie rod ends, and your power steering system.

Drive with Regularity

This is something about which some used car owners in Orange County, CA might not think about, but leaving your car sitting in the garage or driveway for days or weeks at a time can be damaging to it. By driving it at least once a week, you keep the oil circulating, maintain the battery charge, and you prevent dry oil seals.

Take Longer Trips

If you only take short trips with your car, it’s going to hurt it over time. That’s because you’re not allowing the engine to heat to its optimal operating temperature. If you can manage to intersperse some longer trips with your daily routine, you can reduce corrosion and vaporize condensation, and burn off harmful deposits.

Avoid Bumps

One last thing that you should do is to avoid any potholes, speed bumps, or rough patches in the road. If they cannot be avoided, then at least slow down as you go over them. This will help you prevent damage to your suspension and steering, and your shock absorbers will last longer.

If you’ve purchased used cars in Orange County, CA, or you’re thinking about doing so, then you’ll want to get as much useful life as you can out of them. Follow each of these directives, and at all times be mindful of any undue strain that you’re putting on your car. The way you treat it is going to have a significant impact on how long it lasts.   

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