Residents Who Drive Orange County Used Cars Should Know What To Do After An Accident

If you’re shopping for Orange County used cars, then maybe this is your first vehicle, or perhaps you have a great deal of experience with both driving and auto sales. Whichever the case might be soon you’re going to be out on the road in your new vehicle and you should know everything that is required of a responsible driver before getting out on the road.


In addition to all of the maintenance knowledge that comes with being a car owner, you should know what you need to do if you have been involved in a collision. Some people go through their entire lives without getting in a car accident. Although the chances are high for you landing in fender-bender at some point. Car accidents are common enough that the chances of it are high if you drive often. So here’s what you need to remember.

Get Off the Road

Once you’ve purchased used cars in Orange County, then you’re going to be out there on the highways with all of the other drivers and some of them might not be the most responsible in the world. If you’ve been in an accident the first thing you should do is try to steer your car off the road and onto the shoulder or somewhere else where you will be safe. If you need to abandon the vehicle then do so, but make sure that you get yourself out of traffic.

If the accident was not your fault then your blood might be boiling. Remember that cooler heads need to prevail.  It won’t accomplish anything to start yelling at the other driver. Try taking some deep, calming breaths before engaging with them.

Call for Help

Most people have cell phones now and you can use either yours or that of the other driver to alert the authorities if they are not already on their way. You might try calling AAA or a similar service, or if there are any injuries, then you can always call 911. Try to stay with the vehicle if it is possible to do so. It’s better to wait for help to arrive rather than to go to it.

Call for a Tow Truck

Once the police and other authorities have arrived, you can tell them what happened. You’ll need to give them all of the relevant information, including your name, license plate number, insurance info, etc. Then you can call for a tow truck to get the car taken to the nearest auto body shop if it is no longer driveable. There they can assess the damage and determine if the vehicle is salvageable.  

Most Orange County cars, whether new or used, will have collision coverage. However, some older ones might not. You will have to contact both your insurance company and that of the other person to figure out all of the details of getting your car repaired. It’s also possible in some cases that if you were responsible for what happened then you might face a civil suit if the other person was injured.

The most vital thing in the case of an auto accident is to keep your cool and go about the necessary steps meticulously. It’s upsetting when these things happen, but you’ll get past it. Just go through the required steps with the authorities and insurance companies, and before too long you'll be driving again in Orange County.

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