Ask The Auto Dealers Near Santa Ana For Some Maintenance Tips

It will be summer before you know it! Just in time for when the mercury starts to rise near Santa Ana. If you plan on heading to the auto dealers to get yourself a new or used vehicle then you be aware of what it will take to care for your car in the hot weather. Keep these tips in mind to avoid any car trouble in the heat.


Proper Tire Inflation

Keeping your tires inflated properly is critical at all times but even more so when the weather is hot. If your tires are underinflated then they will run the risk of a blowout. When road temperatures are extremely high this becomes even more likely.

At the auto dealers near Santa Ana, be sure to check the tire pressure before you take any of the vehicles for a test drive. Once you buy the car, check the tire pressure at least once a month and that includes the pressure of your spare as well. Tires usually lose about one pound of pressure per month through seepage. For an accurate reading, check the pressure when the tire is cold.

Fluids at the Right Levels

Santa Ana residents should also be sure that various fluids in their cars are at the proper levels. Fluids in your car lubricate the different parts and keep them from overheating. When your fluid levels are low, the cooling ability is reduced, so overheating becomes more likely. That is especially true in the height of the summer. Be sure to check the level of not only your motor oil but also your brake fluid and power steering fluid, assuming you have any.

Be Ready for Summer Breakdowns

In the hot weather, it is not always possible to predict when a breakdown might occur, despite you taking the best possible care of your car. Because of that, you should keep a well-stocked emergency kit handy. It should include water, road flares, non-perishable food items, a first aid kit, and some basic hand tools for repairs that you can make yourself.

At the auto dealers near Santa Ana, the salespeople will be happy to give you some additional tips about keeping your vehicle ready for extreme temperatures. If this is the first car that you’ve owned, you will soon get the hang of taking care of it. You’ll find that it helps to keep a maintenance schedule marked on your calendar to remind you of when it’s time for the various tasks associated with your car’s upkeep.

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