When You Look At The Dealerships Of Used Cars Serving Santa Ana, Be Aware Of The Hidden Costs

The dealerships of used cars serving Santa Ana are known to be some of the best around regardless of what kind of used cars are most appealing to you. However, you should also be aware of any hidden fees before you are ready to sign the paperwork to take possession over the car. Here are some of the costs that you might not have thought about till now.



Insurance might not be considered a “hidden fee,” but you still need to calculate it into the cost of what you’re going to pay as you drive the vehicle off the lot. You need to be insured before you can take possession of the car in order to be in compliance with state law, and at the dealerships serving Santa Ana they will be quick to remind you of that.

Insurance rates may vary from state-to-state, and even from city-to-city. Before you go to look at used cars, it’s best to do some research so that you have some idea of what you’ll need to have in your budget for this cost. If you live in a big city then the rate of theft may be higher, and thus your premium will be higher as well. The same is going to be true if you are buying a type of car that is stolen frequently.

To get some idea of what the insurance is going to cost you can call your current insurance company, from which you are getting renters or home insurance. Tell them about the used car at which you are going to be looking, and see if you can get an approximate quote from them. That way you will be better prepared for your used car shopping experience.

Maintenance Costs

Maintenance costs may also factor into what you pay when you go shopping at the used car lots serving Santa Ana. In this context, maintenance might not mean money that you pay down when you buy the car, but rather money that you should have in reserve in case something goes wrong with it.

You should get the car inspected before you purchase it, but you should also take into account its age and how many miles it has on it and plan for possible repairs that might be needed not too far down the road. There’s a handy tool that you can use called the Edmunds True Cost Calculator. You can plug in the make, model, and year of your car, and it will give you an accurate assessment of how much money you should be holding in reserve.  

If you’ve gone to the car lots serving Santa Ana and you’ve found a vehicle that works for you both with price and meeting your particular needs, then you can go ahead and make the buy. Just be sure that you take into account the insurance costs going forward, and also the maintenance costs that you should have handy for when the time comes.   

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