Ask About Any Hidden Fees With The Used Cars For Sale In Orange County

If you are not very experienced looking at used cars for sale in Orange County, then you should be aware that pricing a vehicle might not be as simple as it first appears. The price that the dealership or the used car lot is asking might be right there for you to read, but that’s not going to be the final dollar amount that you owe. There are many other fees and costs that you will also have to take into account. Let’s look those over so that they won’t come as a surprise to you.


The Down Payment

If you have all the money needed to pay for a used car in Orange County up front, then that somewhat simplifies matters but most people aren’t going to be in a position to do that. Instead, you might go into a dealership and tell the salesperson that you can only afford to pay $300 a month for your car. They might do some quick math and come up with a way to make that happen, but it could very well mean that the amount of money you need to pay up front is going to increase. Be aware when you look at used cars for sale how much money you have on hand to put down.

Registration Fees, Title, and Taxes

You’re also going to need to pay extra for taxes and other fees when you buy used cars in Orange County. Taxes vary from state-to-state, and they are going to depend on how much you end up paying for the vehicle. The registration fee is also not insignificant.

You should set aside an extra $1,000 to add to the total cost of the car with the combination of taxes, title, and other miscellaneous fees. Always make sure that the dealership writes out each of these so you can see how they are added to come up with the final figure. Don’t just take their word for it.

Dealership Fees

There are also other fees that the dealership might try to charge. These might be for things like vehicle prep. In some cases, you can negotiate when it comes to these costs but sometimes the dealer won’t budge. Be sure to ask about any dealer fees that are taken into account as you come to the final number that you’re going to owe.

The used cars for sale in Orange County can sometimes seem to be quite reasonably priced. However, the price will go up substantially once the final figure is quoted to you. If you’re not sure about any of the fees, don’t hesitate to ask any questions to the salespeople at the dealership. They will be glad to explain the reason for any fees, taxes, etc.

If you can land on a number that is acceptable to you, then go ahead with the sale. Just be sure to go into it with your eyes open, so you won’t be blindsided by the number being different than what you were expecting.

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