Get The Vehicle Inspected Before You Buy From The Used Car Dealerships In Orange County

In Orange County, there is no need to purchase a brand new-vehicle if you’re looking for dependability. If you buy brand-new, then you have to worry about depreciation, which occurs instantaneously once the papers are signed and you get behind the wheel. The used car dealerships in Orange County offer many reliable vehicles, but you should get any car that you’re considering thoroughly inspected.


If a mechanic says that the used car you’ve brought them is good to go, then you can make the buy with no feelings of hesitation. However, if the car has 50 to 70,000 miles on it, you should look at the following areas that might need some attention.

The Brake Rotors

The way car brakes work is that pads are squeezed against metal disks. These disks are the rotors, and this action slows the vehicle. Because of the friction between the rotors and the brake pads, they’re subjected to a lot of heat.

When you go to the used car dealerships in Orange County, the brake rotors are one area that your mechanic should inspect carefully. At around 60,000 miles, you’re going to need your rotors replaced, or their surfaces ground down if the previous owner neglected to do it.


Your engine coolant is a mixture of water and antifreeze. It flows through your radiator and cools your car. If you lose too much, the engine is going to overheat, and that means some costly damage for you. Your coolant should be replaced at 60,000 miles or so, but you should also make sure that your Orange County mechanic flushes out the entire cooling system at the same time.

Transmission Fluid

Your transmission fluid level should always be on your mind, because if it drops too low, then it will cause shifting problems and damage to the transmission system. There is not a specific mileage marker associated with transmission fluid replacement.

If you’ve visited one of the used car dealerships in Orange County, then this is another area to which your mechanic should pay attention when you get the car inspected. Most cars come with a transmission fluid dipstick that you can use to check the level, but also the “check engine” light will come on if the fluid level has dropped too low.

Orange County residents who go shopping for used cars shouldn’t assume that the previous owners kept up with all of these typical aspects of maintenance. Get any records that come with the car, but also take it to a mechanic to see what’s going to need to be replaced before you sign any paperwork.

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