Look Into Extended Warranties At The Auto Dealers Near Santa Ana

When you head to the auto dealers near Santa Ana to look at new and used cars to try and select one that is suitable for you, you should understand all about warranties and service contracts. We will endeavor to explain the difference between them so you will not be confused if these terms come up during the negotiation process.


Why You Need a Warranty

Service contracts in automotive circles are also sometimes known as extended warranties. You might have heard this term as it relates to other things besides cars, like phones, a washer and dryer set, a microwave, or something similar. The reason that you want a warranty on something is that you want it to work for a reasonable amount of time. You want a guarantee of use for any purchase that you make, particularly if it is a big-ticket item.

In the case of cars, you’re looking for it to last at least 100,000 miles. It’s true that there are plenty of vehicles that last much longer than that, Santa Ana, but that is considered to be a benchmark that any modern vehicle should easily reach. You need a warranty on your car so that you don’t have to pay for the replacements or repairs if the vehicle does not last as long as it should.

New Car vs. Extended Warranties

New car warranties are financial guarantees that the vehicle will remain fit for driving for a designated period. The provisions may differ depending on the manufacturer, but if you go to the auto dealers near Santa Ana with the idea of getting a brand-new car, you can certainly expect to get a warranty along with your purchase. After the warranty expires, then the car owner is responsible for any repairs or diagnostic issues.

An extended warranty is most likely going to be offered on certified pre-owned vehicles, or a car with one previous owner that is probably coming off a 2 or a 3-year lease. This warranty usually does not cost the buyer anything, as it is included to sweeten the deal.

Service contracts most often are offered with used cars, and you are under no obligation to accept one, Santa Ana residents. Much like any form of insurance, you are paying for what might happen to a valuable object, your car, in this case. The most significant difference between a regular warranty and a service contract is that you must pay for the latter, while the former you are getting for free with a brand-new vehicle.

Is a Service Contract Worth It?

In general, service contracts are nice to have. Depending on the conditions of each one, you probably won’t have to worry about repairs that may be needed six months or a year after you purchase the used car. Of course, you have to pay for a service contract, and some people are reluctant to do so because of the money that they are already putting up for the vehicle. If you choose not to get a service contract, you’re rolling the dice. Whether you decide to go that route is going to be purely a matter of personal preference.

What’s undeniable is that if you drive away from the auto dealers near Santa Ana with a used car but no service contract, then you’re going to be liable if something happens to the vehicle. If you want to risk it, then that’s your prerogative, but getting one is something that you should at least consider.

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