The Car Dealerships Near Santa Ana Present Many Choices For You

When you’re looking at used vehicles at the car dealerships near Santa Ana, it’s a smart idea to get a vehicle history report. It will reveal to you a great deal about a car on which you have your eye, and you’ll be able to decide with a lot more confidence whether you still want to buy it. But what if the vehicle history report tells you that a car has been in an accident? Should that be enough for you to immediately turn it down and move on to the next one?


What an Accident Means with Used Cars

There is nothing that says a car is not in perfectly usable condition because it was once involved in an accident, Santa Ana residents. Maybe it was just a minor fender bender, and there was no frame damage or anything else too catastrophic.

What’s going to make a significant impact on whether you should forget about this particular car or not is precisely what the vehicle history report says. Sometimes these reports say that the vehicle was involved in an accident, and then they give no further details. That’s not so helpful, and what you’re going to have to do is to look the car over very carefully to see if you can identify anything wrong with it.

If more details are provided, then you should have a clearer indication of how bad the accident was, how many other cars were involved, and additional relevant information.

When to Avoid the Car

The time when you want to avoid a vehicle at one of the car dealerships near Santa Ana is when you see a “branded” tag on a vehicle history report. This means that the car was declared a total loss by an insurance company, meaning that repairing the damage after an accident would cost more than the car was worth. If there is a “salvage” title, you should also probably forget about buying that vehicle. Salvage cars usually have sustained significant damage, and even if the vehicle looks okay, there is a high probability that you'll run into some trouble with it down the line.

A “clean” title indicates that the accident was not serious, but it’s still best for you to get a trusted mechanic to look at it. That’s going to be the case with any report of a collision.

An accident on a vehicle history report should clue you in that something happened to the car at some point, but what you do with that information is mostly going to be dependent on how many more details you can gather. The car dealerships near Santa Ana are going to have plenty of used cars that were in collisions at one time or another, so be ready to deal with this situation.

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