Before You Think About Orange County Auto Sales, Line Up A Mechanic For An Inspection

There are some people that go through with Orange County auto sales without taking the vehicle to a mechanic. In such situations, it would not be accurate to say that it’s a disaster every time. On the contrary, sometimes you can buy a car based on your visual inspection and a test drive, and everything turns out to be fine with it.


If it’s a used car that you’re buying, though, it’s smart to get it inspected by a mechanic or to get a vehicle history report. If you want to be extra careful, then you can do both, but some people are reluctant to spend that amount of money, so they opt for one or the other. What you should not do, though, is buy a used car with no mechanic’s inspection or vehicle history report. Think of them as lines of defense against getting a lemon, and one or the other, at a minimum, should happen.

Why a Mechanic’s Inspection is a Good Idea

In Orange County, as you’re approaching the time when you’re going to purchase a used car, you need to take it for a test drive and monitor its performance. If everything seems fine, then you should be one step closer to an auto sale. You can then take it to a mechanic, though, and get an inspection so that you can have an expert’s opinion on the vehicle in question.

A mechanic might charge you as much as $150 for a thorough inspection, which might seem like a lot, but what you are paying for is peace of mind. Assuming the mechanic is a trained professional, then they will do a multi-point inspection that goes over the car inside and out, and they might very well detect something that you missed.

Minor Issues

Keep in mind, though, that if the car is used, it is highly likely that the mechanic is going to find a few things with it that are “wrong,” or undesirable. That’s because any used car is going to have some wear and tear; it’s inevitable. Auto sales in Orange County still go through all the time if the vehicle is not in mint condition. What you must be able to do, as a consumer, is figure out what minor problems are acceptable to you versus major ones that might make you pass on the car.

If you’re not sure about a problem, ask the mechanic how much it’s going to cost to repair the damage. You can do some online research to learn more about what the replacement or repair should cost as well.

Orange County auto sales are not reliant on a mechanic’s inspection, but when you get one, especially combined with a vehicle history report, it’s a way for you to have more confidence that you are avoiding a vehicle that’s going to break down soon after you drive it off the lot. It’s always a roll of the proverbial dice when you buy a used car, but these are ways that you can feel better about the choice that you made.

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