Should I Get New Rims For My Toyota? Irvine Car Dealerships Have Answers For You

Getting a pair of Rims can be a very exciting process for many Toyota owners out there, as a good set can personalize your car in a way that is meaningful, or just downright cool. But getting rims, or aftermarket wheels as they are formally called, is actually more complicated than it seems, as there are a lot of factors to consider. Here at Irvine car dealerships we go over some of the basics that you need to consider when buying your awesome pair of rims!



One of the most important considerations when purchasing aftermarket rims is if they fit with your vehicle’s specifications. Original equipment manufacturer (or OEM) wheels are developed in-house by the manufacturer and are thus designed to exactly match the specifications required for your vehicle. Since the Rims or aftermarket wheels you buy are meant instead to serve a wide range of vehicles, they are by definition not going to accommodate your car as well as the original, which could cause fitment issues. That does not mean, however, that you pack and not buy some new rims!   

You need to do your research on what aftermarket wheels would be a good fit for the size of your wheels. A good starting point is the principle that, no matter what, never get rims that are larger than your OEM wheels, as they can thin your tires, make your wheels more susceptible to cracking, as well as giving you a more bumpy ride. If that was not enough, having larger rims can also hurt your transmission because it has to work harder to turn the vehicle’s axles, which can eventually lead to premature transmission failure, as well as hampering fuel economy and dulling your acceleration. The bottom line is if you are going to get rims, it's a good thing to slice a little off the top. 


Rest easy rim enthusiasts, because those problems mentioned above are for the worst case scenario. If the proper aftermarket wheel is found and installed correctly in your vehicle, it can actually improve performance! A good rim can be provide a better mounting point for your tires, as well as be lighter and stiffer to boot. 

Aftermarket wheels can be better for your car if they increase the contact patch in your tire, which is how much of the tire is actually touching the ground at any one point while driving. The best way to achieve this is by having a larger diameter rim with a lower profile tire, as well as increasing the width of both your rim and your tire. Doing both will increase your traction and take greater advantage of the power provided by your engine. 



The size of rims is the main issue we highlighted because it can affect the technical performance of your car, and if there is one thing Irvine Car Dealerships cares about, its utility. But don’t let us discourage you, as a good pair of aftermarket wheels may not only look sauve, but also be practical as well. It's all about balance, and there are many ways to customize your ride. At the end of the day, what makes or breaks a good pair of rims is your effort at researching what is best for you, and your Toyota.   

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