Test Drive The 2018 Toyota C-HR XLE At The Dealership Of Used Cars In Orange County

The dealership of used cars in Orange County are happy to showcase the 2018 Toyota C-HR XLE SUV on their car lot. The CHR is a four-wheel design exercise that Toyota claims competes with competitor small crossover vehicles, being a mix of a coupe and hatchback. If you are curious, the CHR stands for a Couper High Rider. The CHR is taller than a hatchback and the interior provides a lot of space and function that many car buyers want and expect from a compact SUV. 



The 2018 Toyota C-HR comes in two different trim levels - XLE and XLE Premium. The XLE Premium gets fog lamps located in the front grille. For both trims, there is only one engine under the hood and it’s a 2-liter four-cylinder one producing 144 horsepower and 139 pound-feet of torque. It can only send power to the front wheels through a standard CVT (continuously variable transmission). 

The vehicle has 144 horsepower under the hood, with the CVT and a curb weight of about 3,300 pounds take the acceleration from 0 to 60 in about 9.5 seconds. This is pretty much the norm when you are dealing with a subcompact crossover outside of the luxury segment. All CH-R models get the same tire model regardless of the trim level, which is a 225 tire on an 18-inch rim. This wide tire helps the Toyota CH-R stop from 60 miles an hour back to zero at 118 feet. The fuel efficiency is 27 mpg (city), 31 mpg (highway) and 29 mpg (combined). 


As soon as you enter the vehicle, you will appreciate the touchscreen infotainment system  mounted onto the pop-up area on top of the car’s dashboard. The backup camera is located in the rearview mirror and does not make up part of the infotainment system itself. Many drivers have commented on how the 2018 Toyota C-HR has an infotainment system that is the same as the now-discontinued Toyota Scion, with the only key differences being that there is no XM satellite radio or an integrated navigation system. 

Underneath the infotainment system, there is a standard dual-zone climate control system with an eco-mode button. Below this, there is a small cubby with an auxiliary and USB input. Behind the shifter you will find the electric parking brake control, automatic brakes hold, which keeps the brake pressure on so you can take a break and not have to have your foot on the brake pedal at stop lights. You can also where you can find the traction control disable button. 

The instrument cluster features two large and round dials, with the tachometer on the left while the speedometer is on the right. They also have indications for engine temperature and fuel level gauge. In the middle of these two dials is a standard multi-color display that provides a trip computer, eco readout, digital speedometer, and a G meter. There is also a driver’s attention assist system that can monitor the way you are driving the vehicle in connection to the road and lets you know when you have to brake.

Furthermore, with this feature, you can find the readouts for the active safety systems, such as lane-keeping assistant system and the standard radar adaptive cruise control. The radar adaptive is a full range system which can take you to a complete stop and keep you there. Since the head unit is user-replaceable, every adjustment you have to make for the vehicle can be performed through this screen too. You can change the drive mode, the vehicle settings, and change settings related to the display. 


The front seats offer plenty of leeway for the driver and passenger. There is 2-way adjustable lumbar seating available in the XLE Premium trim, but in the XLE there is just the multi-way manual adjustable driver’s seat. There is a tilt and telescopic steering column range of motion, which is a very rare feature to have in the sub-compact crossover category at the dealership of  used cars in Orange County

The back seats offer plenty of leg and headroom for passengers. Due to the CHR’s short hood, it has a very long interior that provides ample space for the passengers inside the vehicle. The rear seats fold in a 60/40 fashion and stay completely flat with the cargo area. The truck has 19 cubic feet of cargo space, which allows it to hold more than other crossover models. 

All 2018 CH-R models have a black interior, the driver and the passenger get height-adjustable shoulder belts as well as two-way adjustable headrests. Beside the cobra head shifter, there is a cup holder. Between the front seats, there is a padded armrest that opens up to reveal a medium size storage compartment where you can put your wallet, keys, and other necessities. 


People who visit the dealership of used cars in Orange County believe the 2018 Toyota C-HR XLE SUV s wide tires and great suspension design make the car’s handling beyond excellent. Despite the Toyota C-HR’s large size the car handles the road well to give a smooth and comfortable ride. There are decent size cubby holes and cup holders sprinkled around the car’s cabin and the interior is built with good quality materials. Some might say that categorizing the CH-R as a crossover SUV is a little inaccurate since not many people would take a small SUV off-roading. 

Nevertheless, the CH-R gives what a majority of SUV buyers want - a vehicle that makes a statement, while providing more room and height than your average car. The truck space has a fairly high liftover so that when the rear seats are folded down provide ample cargo space compared to its rival compact SUVs. The car’s light and precise steering, good visibility, and elevated ride height allow the CH-R to feel at home in the city or suburbs. Last but not least, the vehicle’s seats are so comfortable you could sleep in them, but we don’t suggest you do while driving!

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