The Top Five Accessories that Toyota Near Irvine Recommends For Your Ride

We at Toyota near Irvine love cars, but we all know some rides are better than others, and that is why we have made a list of the 10 gadgets that we believe will help liven up those long commutes and road trips. We have chosen these objects based on utility for drivers, making their experience more comfortable as well as safer.


Phone Holder

Chances are that if you have taken a rideshare anytime recently, you have seen your driver have a phone holder. And that is because if you use your phone at all when driving (just hopefully not including texting), then a phone holder is incredibly convenient, giving your phone a safe and secure platform that is within easy reach of the driver's seat. 

It allows you to easily view the Google Maps or GPS, for example, while also making it easier to do an audio call while driving since you can keep your eyes on the road. Overall this is our number one recommendation for any product on this list, as it connects the technology of the 20th century to that of the 21st. 

180° View Mirror

This is another utility/safety product that will make your driving routines easier and much more convenient, as a 180 degree mirror will give you a fuller view of the road and fix any blind spots that you had before. This is important as it is all too easy to lose track of your blind spots while driving along tired after a hard days work, so these mirrors will give you a much easier time of being alert to problematic drivers. 

Car Pillows

Whether you are taking a nap or just need some rest during an intense traffic jam, a car pillow serves a multitude of useful functions. And best of all, it can be customized to fit your design preferences! A long commute can be intensely uncomfortable for many drivers, and a neck pillow helps many adjust their body posture into a more comfortable one to reduce stress and help maintain one’s physical health. In addition, when you carrying around tired children or passengers, a pillow in the backseat can allow them to get some much needed rest, reducing the hassle of carpooling for both you and the passenger!

Heated Steering Wheel Cover

This item may sound more frivolous but it actually makes driving safer as well as significantly more convenient in winter months. If your hands are cold or shivering while driving, then you will be less prepared for emergency maneuvers or shifting, potentially putting you in life-threatening situations. And beyond that, cold hands are just downright uncomfortable, so treat yourself and make those cold winter nights in your vehicle as warm and toasty as a Christmas fireplace!   

Car Charger Port

You were probably expecting this one, which is why we saved the best for last! A car charger port is so useful that it should honestly be included in every new model of car, for when you are driving around and your phone inevitably runs out of power, how are you going to make that important phone call? Or if you are looking for the hottest new dive in town? A charger port can also be used for a laptop, allowing you to have some quality work time when you have some downtown while parked, or just stocking up on energy for the day. This gadget provides the ultimate in convenience, and we could not recommend it more.

Well there you have it. Toyota near Irvine believes that these accessories will make your ride a much happier and more convenient space. With these gadgets, you have everything you need to take back the road!

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