Watch Out For Potential Warning Signs At The Orange County Car Dealerships

The Orange County car dealerships are some of the best around, and you should have no problems finding yourself a vehicle there that suits your needs. If you have never been used car shopping before, then you should proceed with caution, though. You do not want to make a mistake that turns out to be costly.


There are some red flags when it comes to used cars that anyone will recognize, even if they have limited automotive experience in the past. But what about possible warning signs that are a bit more subtle? In this article, we’ll point out some of the aspects of used cars that might lead you to walk away from a sale, even if they don’t seem so glaring as to warrant your immediate attention.

Inconsistent Panel Gaps

The panels of a car are fitted together in the factory, and in theory, every vehicle that rolls off the assembly line should be uniform. If some of the gaps where the panels fit together seem a little off, the most likely reason for it is that the car in question was involved in a collision at some point in the past.

You should be able to get a better idea of the damage by looking at the vehicle history report, but what if no accident is mentioned? The previous owner might have decided that it was not worth it to report the collision because it seemed so minor. The panel gaps might be a sign that there’s more severe damage to the car that could show up later, or then again, there might not be anything else wrong with the vehicle. It’s best to proceed cautiously if you see something like that.

The Trim Pieces

If any pieces of the trim are missing or loose when you look at the various offerings at Orange County used car dealerships, then the explanation is likely the same as with the panel gaps. Most likely there was an accident in the past that might have been reported, or it may not have been. Your response to seeing that should be the same: be very cautious and get the vehicle inspected thoroughly.

The Windows

Maybe you try out the automatic windows, and some of them go up slowly, or perhaps others don’t go all the way up at all. It’s not the biggest deal in the world, but it’s still something worth noting. You’re probably going to want to deal with that before you take possession of the car. If you point it out and the dealership is willing to fix the problem, then that’s fine, but if they can’t be bothered with it, then you should move on to another vehicle option.

The Climate Control Fan

If you live in an area where it gets extremely hot during the summer months, then you should be sure that the AC is working as it should be. That includes the climate control fan. It shouldn’t rattle or squeak, and it should run smoothly on all the different settings. Take some time and try it at different levels, waiting to see how quickly the vehicle cools down when it’s on high. You’ll be glad you took the time to do it when August rolls around.

Other Power Accessories

Like the windows, you want to make sure that all of the power accessories in your used car work as they should. If the sunroof, moonroof, or any of the other power accessories aren’t working or are slow to operate, point it out to the dealership and see if they’re willing to fix the problem or at least knock some money off the vehicle’s asking price.

Uneven Wear On the Tires

If there's uneven wear on the tires, then that could mean that some of them are older than others, or possibly that the previous owner never bothered to get them rotated. You should get your tires rotated regularly because if you fail to do so, then the chances of you getting a flat are higher. You’ll get better fuel economy if you rotate them periodically as well.

Mice or Other Vermin

If you pop the hood of a vehicle at the Orange County used car dealerships, and you see any teeth marks on the wiring or other signs of rodent infestation, then that could mean that critical parts will need to be replaced. That also indicates that the car was likely stowed in a garage for a long time because only a vehicle that has stood inactive for multiple weeks is likely to attract rodents that might try to nest there.

The Oil Change Sticker

The oil change sticker on the windshield should be up to date. If it has not been updated, that means that the previous owner was neglectful, and it also means that the dealership which is selling the car wasn’t paying attention either. If you see this, then you should ask about it, or you might choose to go on to the next vehicle without even taking the time for further inquiry.

The Seats

If you see excessive wear and tear on the seats, then that’s another indication that the past owners didn’t take good care of the car. That might not be enough for you to decide that you don’t want the vehicle, but there will likely be other problems if you take the time to look for them.

The Brake Pedal

When you’re out on the test drive, and you’re trying out the brake, it shouldn’t feel mushy or soft. The car should stop promptly when you press down on the pedal, a clear indication that the brake pad is functioning as it should be.

While most of these problems aren’t enough to make you walk away from a car by themselves, they should still give you pause. The Orange County car dealerships should have enough options that you don’t have to settle, so get a vehicle that shows none of these potential problems.  

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