Get Advice On How To Deal With Floods From Car Dealers Near Santa Ana

What to do when a “storm’s a-comin”? Well, you can lock yourself indoors and wait for it to blow over. However, you can’t do that for long, since you probably have a life. Also, you could be running errands, while a massive cyclone is brewing in the skies. You will probably figure out that something is up when you see the storm chasers in action. That’s your cue to pack up your car with all your grab deals from Target. While you are there, make sure you stock up on your flash flood emergency kit essentials such as Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, your favorite soda, some pre-packed Hostess cakes and oh, of course, water and canned goods! Yup, floods are no excuse to cheat on your diet.

In all seriousness, you should always be prepared for floods whether you are at home or in your car when it hits. The U.S. has become more hurricane-prone over the years due to global warming. Many times when hurricane winds slow down, it brings about tropical storms rather than a respite from the cyclone. A tropical storm can be as damaging, or even more than a hurricane. The intense rainfall usually results in flooding, mudslides, and landslides. Car dealers near Santa Ana caution that these natural disasters are best to avoid when you are stuck in a metal box with wheels. Besides the risk of drowning in a flood, there is also the danger of catching a disease from sewage-polluted water coming out of destroyed sanitation facilities.


So what to do? It’s a terrifying experience as a driver and/or passenger when you are trapped inside a car when the streets surrounding you are flooded with water. The fact that you don’t know what to do in a situation like this could make your circumstances even worse.  You might be asking yourself these questions: Should I stay in my car and wait for help? Or, should I get out of the car quickly and find help? There are a lot of possibilities. However, you will be taken aback when you find out that many of them are inaccurate.

Another important factor that car dealers near Santa Ana want you to know is that you should never underestimate shallow waters. Many drivers do not realize that six inches of water can cause a steering failure to happen, which can cause you to lose control of your vehicle. At the same time, your car could quickly become a boat and slowly float away with just one foot of water! If you want your car (that has turned into a sailboat to go faster), then just introduce it to two feet of water. In these conditions, you will be amazed to see all kinds of vehicles, even massive ones such as SUVs and pickup trucks, get swept away.

When a car is surrounded by water, the first reaction is to panic. Although you should be concerned, try your best to keep your cool. Also, don’t stick around for the flood to rise to extreme and deadly levels. Try to keep in mind the following standard procedures when you are in your car and water is rising around you:

Be Seen

It does not mean using the roof of the car as a platform to stand on and wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care. All you have to do is stay calm and rather than make yourself visible make your car detectable by turning on the hazard lights and headlights. Doing this makes it easier for emergency personnel to notice your vehicle and get to you immediately.

Do Not Lock Yourself Inside

You have to avoid all types of restrictions while inside the car during a flood. Emergency services respectively point out that you should immediately take off your seat belt. A seat belt is not going to be the safety device that will keep you protected when your vehicle starts floating away. After all, you have to keep in mind that when your car starts floating, you are in some dire straits. In a New York minute, stop your car and unfasten your seatbelt on the spot. On top of that, unlock all your doors. This can help emergency personnel efficiently open your car door and rescue you.

Take Off Some Clothing

If you are just wearing a top and trousers, you can avoid the striptease. However, if you are wearing layers, such as a jacket or a sweater on top of a shirt, start peeling them off. If you have to swim, you don’t want anything that could make you drown easily.

Crack Open A Window

If your situation starts to get desperate, for instance, you are stuck in the middle of the flood and there is no emergency personnel in sight, start to carefully lower one window. It is important to note that car dealers near Santa Ana suggest that you only do this if the car is not underwater and electric windows normally work in spite of floods. When you got the window lowered, get out right away. Try to find high ground and call 911.

If You Cannot Open The Window - Use Plan B

So, what happens if you cannot open your windows, in particular, electric ones? Then you have to avail yourself to the car doors. If you are anal about your car interior getting wet, you had better change your attitude very quickly. If you do not have the strength to open the car door, use all your might to break the window. In your car emergency kit, you should always have a glass breaker on hand. Again, these tips are only suitable when the water is at a low level. It’s impossible to open a car door when the water is high, due to the extreme water pressure outside the car. You might suffer some cuts from climbing out of broken glass, but you are still breathing. Wounds are easier to deal with then drowning.

In short, keep calm, react carefully and remember what to do when you are in a flood inside a vehicle. Your aim is to always get yourself and possibly your passengers out of the car and to higher ground. Never wait for water levels to rise up before initiating an exit plan. If going out, always make it a point to check the weather and swimming lessons are never a bad idea.

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