Things To Look For With Orange County Cars For Sale

There are so many vehicle features, both large and small, and it can be easy to forget about some of them when you’re looking at Orange County cars for sale. You want to do your best not to neglect anything, though. If you do, and the transaction has already taken place, then suddenly you may be stuck paying for the repair work yourself if the vehicle did not come with a warranty. Let’s focus for a moment on the exterior of the car.


The Tire Pressure

If the pressure is low on any of the tires, it should be a simple enough matter to fix the problem, Orange County. However, if you have filled all of the tires to the appropriate level and the indicator light keeps coming on, then you might have a slow leak in one of them. Point that out to the salesperson, and factor a tire replacement into the cost of the vehicle sale.


Are any of the hubcaps missing, loose, or damaged? That shouldn’t affect the way that the car handles very much, but it’s important from an aesthetic standpoint. Locating a hubcap that matches all the other ones could be easy, or in some cases, it might be surprisingly challenging if that model was discontinued.

Wiper Blades

Are either of the wiper blades missing or damaged? Test them to see that they’re working correctly, and try the ones for the rear windshield too if the vehicle comes with any. Getting a replacement wiper blade does not usually cost very much, but that depends on the make and model of the car.

Curb Damage

Is there any evidence on the wheels of curb damage? This occurs when someone went up over the curb or rubbed against it while trying to park. Sometimes this sort of damage is only superficial, but other times it can lead to leaks or blown tires down the line.

Additional Concerns

Orange County residents should have a few more minor details on their minds as they look at cars for sale. Is the manual missing? If so, it could be costly to replace. You’ll need to speak to the manufacturer. Are there significant gaps in the service history, or is there no history at all? That might not necessarily mean anything, but on the other hand, it could prove to be vital. Does the word “salvage” appear anywhere in the title? If so, back out of the deal. Salvage vehicles are almost never worth pursuing.

If you feel like you will have a hard time remembering any of this, write it down with a pad and paper, or else make a list on your phone and check it off as you go. This way you will feel that you have done your due diligence, and you’ll be able to drive away knowing that you did everything a responsible consumer should.

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