At The Car Dealerships Near Santa Ana You Can Find Some Great Deals

There are plenty of viable used vehicles on the market, and many of them can be found at the car dealerships near Santa Ana. As you begin to look over some of the ones that seem most appealing to you, you should bring along a checklist and go down it carefully to look for any potential problems. Even if you got a vehicle history report, it’s always possible that it missed something. It’s also helpful if you bring along somebody that knows cars, as they will be able to notice any of these potential red flags quickly. Here are some of the most significant ones.


The Sunroof

Does your car come with a sunroof? If so, you should test it out before you buy. If it operates slowly, as if it is struggling to move, that is a potentially costly repair. The operation should be smooth, and there should be no grinding or squealing noises.

Spare Tire Well

Take a good look at the spare tire well. Is there any evidence of rust or discoloration there? Is there any standing water? This means the car has probably been left out in the elements a lot. It is not necessarily a deal breaker, but it indicates you should test out all of the components even more thoroughly than you might otherwise.

The Brake Pedal

The wear that is shown by the brake pedal on vehicles at the car dealerships near Santa Ana is a clear indication of how well taken care of the car was by its previous owner. If it is less or more worn than the mileage on the odometer would suggest, then it might mean that there was something strange going on with the car’s previous ownership. In the best-case scenario, the last owner hardly drove it at all. In the worst-case scenario, they have tried to tamper with the odometer. It’s rare, but it still happens sometimes.

The Accessories

You will undoubtedly want all the accessories that come with the vehicle to be operating correctly. That means you should try the radio, the power windows, the windshield wipers, etc. If any of them aren’t working, you will have to decide how much of a difference that makes to you. It could be enough to make you want to walk away, or you might try to negotiate a lower price.

At the car dealerships near Santa Ana, the best vehicles are often the ones that are gently used, with one previous owner. However, there is nothing to say that multiple owners and more than 100,000 miles on the odometer mean a car that’s in bad shape. Try to go through the list of potential problems carefully, and it everything seems to check out, then you can start negotiating. An older car might still have plenty of use in it if it was well maintained.  

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